That shiny new key feels good in your hand, doesn’t it? Congratulations on the purchase of your home. For many people, home ownership is part of the American dream. You’ve joined a wonderful group. A full 65 percent of U.S. residents are homeowners, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council.

Unless you built your own home, your new residence probably needs some minor updates. If you opted to save money and buy a fixer-upper, chances are you already know what needs to be done on your property. But, if you’re like many Americans, you probably purchased a home that is (nearly) move-in ready.

At Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning, we’ve been improving and preserving homes since 1991. In our industry, we are the highest rated company in the Atlanta area. From—with our many “best of” awards—to Angie’s list—with a straight A rating, we’re proud of the work we do and pleased others share their satisfaction with our work. We take great pleasure in providing outstanding service.

We believe that our business works best as a team. That’s why we take good care of our employees and they, in turn, take good care of you.

We’re honest, friendly, and transparent in all we do. For example, we provide free quotes, easy scheduling, regular service agreements, and convenient billing. At Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning, we know your life is busy. That’s we make taking care of your home as simple as possible. As a new homeowner, you have a lot of your mind. Let us help you.

Before you ever call a moving van, talk with the professional staff at Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning. We’ll make sure your home is perfect before you ever set foot inside. We specialize in gutters and downspouts, pressure washing, drainage solutions, and deck sealing and staining. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property and recommend services that will both beautify and protect your residential investment.

From a logistics and access standpoint, it’s simply much easier to inspect and remediate problems before you fill up your home, your garage, your deck, your driveway, and your backyard. We recommend you consider any or all of our following nine services before move-in day:

  1. Gutter cleaning
    Prevent problems before they occur. Let us make sure your gutters are free of dirt, debris, and blockages. If water backs up, it can damage your roof and foundation. And in winter, if water freezes, it can create ice dams. Once these are solid, they can push your gutters away from the roof. Before storms hit, let Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning clean your gutters and give you peace of mind. You don’t need to be home when we complete our work. We’ll leave everything better than we found it. And we’re available for regularly scheduled cleanings. No matter what type of weather we receive in Atlanta, your gutters will always be able to go with the flow.
  1. Gutter repair
    Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your gutters, we’ll take time to make sure they’re in excellent working order. Rust, dents, and missing or loose parts are no match for our trained professionals. According to the General Services Administration, “A failed gutter often means that damage has spread; repairs will be extensive, maybe complicated, and probably expensive. A well-restored gutter, however, faithfully inspected and maintained, should require no major repairs for some years.” We’ll make sure your gutters are in great condition.
  1. Gutter installation
    If, after inspecting your gutters, we determine they’re beyond repair, we will recommend replacement. We’re your trusted local installation experts. You’ll love our ten-year warranty and our high quality products. Our seamless aluminum gutters require little to no maintenance. So once they’re installed, you can move in and focus on more important things in your life.
  1. Roof repair
    Most properly installed asphalt roofs last up to 50 years. But ongoing maintenance is critical. Extreme weather conditions—including high winds and hail—will affect your roof, and in turn, your gutters and your home. Most people can spot missing shingles. But it’s often the locations you can’t see that create the most damage. For example, hail damage may cause indentations in your shingles, leaving them exposed to the elements. After we clean or repair your gutters and downspouts, we’ll take a good hard look at your roof where it comes into contact with your gutters. We’ll repair any areas and make recommendations if further work is necessary.
  1. Exterior drainage solutions
    From grading to erosion prevention to concrete work, we’ll make sure your new property is safe and secure. We evaluate and offer solutions for a variety of water drainage situations. You name it, we can create it: catch basins, French drains, and hard scape installations are just a few of the ways we stop water in its tracks before it causes problems. Even though your new house passed inspection, some issues may have been overlooked, including soil erosion, moisture in or around the house, and damp basement conditions. In addition, cracks in the foundation, mildew in the attic, and crust on basement walls may signal more clues that your home has faulty drainage. We’ll remediate any existing issues by controlling groundwater and designing drainage improvement solutions.
  1. Sub-surface drainage solutions
    Often it’s the water you can’t see that causes the most damage to your home. This sub-surface water may be found in basements or crawl spaces. Most basements are not truly waterproof. Whether you discover moisture issues now—before you move into your new digs—or after you’ve taken ownership, Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning is here to help. We believe the majority of water concerns come from improper rainwater management, including poor surface drainage, soil saturation and basement construction. Each drainage project is unique and requires a custom approach. We’re different than most other contractors: At Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning, we prefer to correct the problem from the outside, at its source. This prevents water from ever entering your home and helps you avoid the high cost of installing mechanical systems.
  1. Concrete pressure washing
    We have the perfect tools and accessories to make sure your driveway, sidewalks, pool, and garage are sparkling clean before move-in day. A traditional pressure washer wand attachment requires a lot of effort and multiple passes on large surfaces. But our technicians have special brushes and sweepers to make short work of big spaces. Impress your new neighbors. Let us make your home’s exterior sparkle. Our knowledgeable technicians average between 5-10 years of experience each. They know that different surfaces and different stains require specific solutions. Just as many people have their carpets cleaned and vacuumed before unloading furniture, we’ll make sure the outside of your home is brand spanking clean too.
  1. Exterior pressure washing
    Perhaps it was love at first sight when you saw your new house. Now imagine that house, but even better. We’ll gently pressure wash your home to ensure it’s free of dirt, mildew, streaks, spider webs, and unwanted plant growth, among other detritus. Pressure washing takes the right training, tools, and touch. You’re busy preparing for your move. Don’t spend time worrying about which nozzle, detergent, pressure setting, or accessories you need. Let us take care of this. We’re proud to offer the offer the very best and most reliable pressure washing available in Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, and Atlanta. Our crew members are meticulously trained. They have just the right expertise and equipment to restore your home to its former glory. Think of it as an economical house facelift or a gentle exfoliation for your home sweet home.
  1. Deck sealing and staining
    Wood decks can take a beating. Between foot traffic and outdoor elements, many decks become grungy, moldy, mossy or all of the above. Let Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning restore your deck. If you’ve never seen wood after it’s been pressure washed, you’ve missed out on a treat. The “after” transformation is truly amazing. Our professionals will leave your deck looking like it was newly constructed. We know that the proper surface preparation is critical for preservation and staining. Once we’ve worked our magic, we’ll immediately stain seal your deck. Why? According to the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, sunlight and weather can damage the surface fibers in as little as two weeks. In other words, sealing is not something that can wait. Check this task off your “to do” list. Let our experienced pros give your deck the ole one-two punch. And for lasting beauty, you can schedule regular maintenance with us.

When it comes to preserving and protecting your Atlanta home, there is only one clear choice. At Advanced Pressure & Gutter, we’ll keep your home in tip top shape, saving you time, money, and stress.

As a super service award winner on Angie’s List and a five-star rated premiere company by Home Services Review, we’re proud of our many awards and recognitions. We know you’ll appreciate our expertise and highly skilled staff.

At Advanced Pressure & Gutter, we’re always glad to talk to new clients about your cleaning needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your move-in day be as seamless as possible.