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We’ve launched a new site for our drainage department – Advanced Drainage Solutions

Providing comprehensive storm-water management and drainage solutions. At Advanced, we specialize in the art of diagnosing and providing drainage solutions, to minimize the effects of storm-water on your property.

Call today for a proper evaluation, and a plan to provide high-quality corrective measures.

  • Downspout drain lines
  • Custom in-ground drains & catch basins (any shape / size)
  • Grading and swales (correction and/or creation)
  • French drains / curtain drains
  • Camera Inspections
  • Line / Utility locating
  • Boring & tunneling
  • Concrete work (all kinds)
  • Dry creek beds
  • Wet weather spring solutions
  • Retaining walls
  • Bobcat / Excavator work
  • Finish grading, sod, hardscapes…
  • and other related products and services.
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How can we help you?

drainage solutions
We specialize in evaluating and providing solutions to water drainage issues. These problems manifest themselves in many ways, appearing as;
  • Saturated or flooded landscape areas
  • Excessive Erosion
  • Settling of walkways, driveways, porches, steps, etc…
  • Pooling of water near or against the home, or on driveways or other landscape areas.
  • Water entry (basements, crawlspaces and the like.. (see notes below)
These drainage issues create health and safety concerns;
  • Slippery & dangerous surfaces,
  • Mold, mildew and fungus inside the home
  • Destruction of footers, foundations, and structural issues.
  • Water entry inside the structure, basements and crawlspaces.
  • Drowning hazards for children

Not to mention just being a real headache.

These issues never get better on their own, but can and should be corrected.

residential drainage solutions
drainage solutions
residential drainage solutions
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The following is where Advanced differs from other contractors;

Our goal is to address and correct the real issues by controlling and directing storm water before it becomes a problem.  We do not treat the symptoms (as would interior sump pumps and similar systems).  Therefore, our corrections are made on the exterior of the property. We pride ourselves in a total turnkey solution, from diagnosing, to installation, to full landscape repair upon completion.

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In regards to water entry inside a structure, including wet basements, crawlspaces, and other subsurface water…, it is very important to understand the relation between exterior surface water, and subsurface water entry.

With few exceptions, the great majority of water entry inside a basement or crawlspace stems from local surface water which is improperly channeled away from the home.  This surface water leads to sub surface soil saturation, hydrostatic pressure (pooling/standing water underground) and then water entry. You may think of this as the underground localized water table rising to a level higher than the lowest point of the home during periods of prolonged wet weather.

Most basements and crawl spaces are not entirely watertight. This hydrostatic pressure will find small cracks and other entry points and make entry. Especially during periods of prolonged weather where the soil may already be saturated.

Many homeowners already have sump pump type systems installed which may run often or even constantly if the exterior conditions are not corrected. These pumps are prone to outage (at the worst possible times) as they are a mechanical system.

While it is not possible to absolutely guarantee against subsurface water entry by making exterior corrections only, it is generally considered the first and most appropriate first step to correcting such conditions.  As the exterior corrections are designed to treat the real problem, and not just the symptoms as would an interior water removal type system.

In most cases of water entry, after fully correcting the exterior conditions, the water entry no longer occurs, and sump pump type systems are no longer required; or, if already present, they will ‘dry up’ and remain as an emergency system only, and water entry may no longer be a problem. 

However, there are other not so common scenarios which prevent the ability to absolutely guarantee against water entry, when making exterior corrections only. Even still, it is our opinion that the exterior corrections are the most important and the first and primary line of defense against water entry in most cases.

Consider the two contrasting scenarios below; (note that these are only applicable to water entry in basements or crawlspaces)

In scenario number one; A homeowners installs an interior sump pump type system only.  Water will continue to leak into the structure, but is collected and removed by the pump and drain system. The water entry will usually become worse over time, and the pump may run with greater frequency. Mold, mildew, and humidity conditions may continue to exist. At some point it will become necessary to make the exterior corrections to correct the true source of the water.

In scenario number two; The homeowner makes the exterior corrections first and only. There are two possible outcomes; 

A) The water entry is fully corrected and is no longer a problem, the exterior of the home will also receive many substantial benefits from these corrections, or 

B) (uncommon but possible), conditions are improved, but to some extent water entry is still noticed. This could be from underground veins from decayed roots and stumps, different types of subsurface rock layers where the home is built, springs, or other underground conditions. In these unlikely scenario’s, an interior system may still be necessary to fully solve water inside the structure.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to come out and take a look at the property with you, make recommendations, and generate a plan for correction.

The above information is provided for general information, and is our opinions, based on our experience and studies. Most drainage solutions projects are unique in their own way, and require a thorough and proper diagnosis on your property to generate a proper solution.

drainage solutions
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