Downspout and Gutter Cleaning Services

Downspout and Gutter Cleaning Services


Ready to get a gutter cleaning service estimate? Contact us to talk to one of our experts and get started!


Ready to get a gutter cleaning service estimate? Contact us to talk to one of our experts and get started!

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Gutter maintenance is important so you don’t run into problems down the line. Gutters can get clogged and cause damage to your house, making a small problem become an expensive one. During your downspout and gutter cleaning service, our 2 man crew will work from your roof, using an effective rope and harness technique. Our team makes sure to clean all aspects of your gutter system.


There are 4 areas we clean during service:

A technician blows debris off of roof

1. Roof Clearing

We will remove all debris from the roofing, out of the valleys, and clean all those areas on your roofing that collect debris such as behind your chimneys, vent pipes, etc.

A technician removes debris from clogged gutter

2. Gutter Cleaning

We will clean out all your gutters in the most efficient way possibly to ensure they are 100% clean. Gutters can get filled with pine needles, leaves, branches, and more. Cleaning gutters takes skill and experience to ensure clogged gutters are not causing damage to your home and foundation.

A technician inspects a clogged downspout that is full of leaves and debris

3. Downspout Cleaning

Our team will always check and clear your downspout system. This is to give your gutters an entire cleaning from the roof to the ground level. After a proper cleaning of your entire system from the top to the bottom downspout opening, your downspouts will maintain a proper flow.

A technician clears debris from driveway after gutter cleaning

4. Ground Clean-up

When completed, we will perform a thorough cleanup of all the areas where debris might have fallen during the cleaning. Advanced will blend this debris into the natural areas surrounding your home.  Bagging of debris is available for an additional fee.  No haul-away of debris is available. Your property will be left at least as clean, or cleaner than it was when we arrived. 


Our team of professionals provides a service that is unmatched in the Atlanta area, with full service and top-notch customer service.

Prevents Water Damage To Your Home

Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Enhance The Value and Beauty of Your Home

Professionally Trained Staff At Your Service

Prevents Water Damage To Your Home

Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Enhance The Value and Beauty of Your Home

Professionally Trained Staff At Your Service


Checking Underground Drains

We can check your underground rain drains, some of which may require jetting or other repairs.

Installing Gutter Protection

Gutter screens or covers, sometimes referred to as gutter guards, are always a good idea to protect your gutters. With this in mind, homes in heavily wooded areas can greatly benefit from gutter protection. Generally, trees will drop leaves and twigs which can clog and damage your gutters. Learn more about our gutter protection services.

Trimming Tree Branches

While performing a gutter cleaning service, let us trim tree branches when they are near or touching the roof. We can cut them back from the house to prevent damage to the shingles. We do not haul the branches away and will need to place them somewhere in the yard.

Changing Floodlights

Have a floodlight out at your home? During service, we can replace bulbs for any of your floodlights. Please leave bulbs for our service technicians and let us know what lights need to be changed.

Replacing Missing Guards

We stock the most basic types of gutter guards and can replace missing or damaged (missing clips) guards with new ones. Please note that if you are missing a few screens, your screens, in general, are likely in a state of disarray. It may be worth considering a better quality gutter cover.

Sealing Leaky Seams

Seams need to be cleaned, dried and scraped to properly seal the seam. We do not have a warranty that this re-sealing of the old seam will last, as there are many factors that may prevent the sealing of an existing/old seam from lasting.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

We make most all roof & gutter repairs at the same time as a gutter cleaning service. This allows us to make sure you don’t have any expensive issues down the line.

Replacing Vent Boots

During service, our technicians are equipped to replace worn, leaking, or damaged vent boots, and much more. Learn more about this on our roof and gutter repair service page.

Two gutter cleaning service technicians perform a gutter cleaning via rope and harness on an Atlanta area home
A gutter installation technician carefully measures seamless aluminum gutters for an installation on an Atlanta area home

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

Without clean gutters, your home is at risk for several damages, including:

  • Exterior Water Damage
  • Interior Water Damage
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Paint Damage
  • Foundation Damage

Why risk the cost of gutter repairs and even gutter installation when you could just take proper care of your gutters? A professional gutter cleaning company, like Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning, can eliminate these risks and take the stress away.

Advanced Pressure & Gutter Services

Our gutter services do not stop at gutter and downspout cleaning. Not only do we offer superior regular maintenance to get rid of your gutter debris, but our team of professionals can offer an effective solution for gutter repairs, gutter installation, and gutter covers. Avoid costly repairs and keep proper water flow with Advanced Pressure & Gutter. Get your seasonal gutter cleaning scheduled.

Or are you looking for Pressure Washing, Exterior and Interior Painting, or Drainage Solutions? Advanced has it all. Contact Advanced Pressure & Gutter today for a free estimate.

Sign up for annual Recurring Services based on your needs. Create your own Gutter Cleaning and/or Power Washing service plan! We created this program so you can sign up for Recurring Service once and we handle the rest. Once your plan is established, we handle all of the scheduling, reminders, and invoicing. Reschedule or cancel at any time. Once you complete the Recurring Services form, our office team will be in touch to confirm your plan.