Gutter Protection & Covers

The installation of gutter protection (screens and covers) will keep 99% of the debris that falls from trees and other sources out of your gutters. Not only does this make your gutter and drainage systems work better, it makes them look better, as well. Get the best gutter protection the Atlanta area has to offer.

Gutter Screens

Our gutter screens (sometimes called gutter guards) are made of flat aluminum that never rusts. Installed by snapping onto the gutter’s outside lip and attaching with screws, then placing over the top of the gutter and attaching to the roof under the first row of shingles, a screen will never fall off once it is appropriately installed.

If you have a heavily wooded yard with leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks and twigs, gutter screens pay for themselves by saving on gutter cleaning within in the first two years of installation.

Gutter Covers

Guard covers are attached, like screens, to the outer lip of the gutter using screws, installed over the top of the gutters, and attached to the roof under the shingles. When these solid gutter guards are installed, any debris on the roof will flow down with the rainwater and slide right on off the edge of the roof.

We offer an advanced gutter hood, which is a high-end solid gutter cover with a no-clog lifetime warranty. This hood has a nose-forward structure that is designed to assure that no debris ever enters the gutter. It is installed under the second row of shingles as it is longer than other covers, with a patented bracket design that is the finest in the industry.

We offer a complimentary cleaning of your gutters prior to installing gutter hoods, as long as the hood installation takes place within 30 days of the cleaning.

To learn more about the benefits of gutter screens and hoods contact our knowledgeable team at Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning. As Angie’s List Super Service Award winner trusted in the Atlanta metro area, we can help you keep your gutters debris-free with less work, and install premium gutter screens and gutter covers quickly and efficiently, with no effort on your part.

Flat aluminum, under the shingle, gutter screens: These under the shingle screens, when installed properly, works very well to keep 99% of all debris out of the gutters. They are aluminum and will not rust, will never fall off, or flip open. Some debris may stick on the screen, or accumulate on top. Very little debris may get inside (mostly decayed leaf or pine straw) but will not clog the gutters even after a few years. We do recommend cleaning the roof and gutters anyway, at least one time per year, primarily just to clean the debris off the roof, valleys, and the tops of the covers. At the same time, we will clean any debris from under the screens.

Heavy gauge, powder coated, under the shingle gutter covers: These are very similar to the above, and perform equally as well with the following differences. They are a very heavy and thick gauge metal, so they may hold up better over time. They also have a very nice powder coated finish on them that looks good with almost any roof color (even though under the shingle screens are generally not visible from the ground). Also, they are approximately one inch longer in depth, so they may install better on some homes.

Advanced gutter hood, a high-quality solid gutter cover, with a lifetime no-clog warranty: This is the top of the line solid gutter cover with a full nose forward design (unlike most of the cheaper knock-offs) which will prevent debris from ever entering the gutters. These install on top of your existing gutters and under the second row of shingles (much better than the cheaper products of this type that install under the first row). They are available in several colors. This particular cover is a generation better than the other solid cover designs which do not provide support to the top of the cover. The patented bracket design is the best in the industry and solves all the common issues associated with other solid gutter cover designs. This product may not be right for every house.