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Low Pressure Roof Washing

What Makes Our Process Different

All types of roofs can be washed to remove the accumulation of black staining (fungus) as well as green staining, or even lichen. Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning are experts at washing all roof types including asphalt, cedar, asbestos, and even slate roofs to make them look brand new again. They have worked with all types of roofs and know how to properly clean them right the first time. This process includes the application of a special roof cleaner followed by the roof being washed from the top down using a low-pressure rinse to remove all staining.

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What to Expect

Home roof cleaning, when done correctly, provides an excellent result. Expect 100% of the staining to be removed without any damage to the roofing material. Roofs look great after they are cleaned and the cleaning lasts for many years. Therefore, proving tremendous value. A quality roof cleaning can have an enormous effect on the overall look of your home.

Our low-pressure technique is safe for all types of home exteriors including:

  • Synthetic stucco
  • All types of siding
  • HardiePlank
  • Vinyl & Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Cedar, etc
  • As well as all other painted surfaces (deck railing, porch ceilings, etc).
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Serving Your Area

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Why You Should Get Your Roof Pressure Washed

Getting our low-pressure roof washing service provides a multitude of benefits to your property value and overall home health!

  • Eliminate Dirt, Grime, Algae, & Moss

  • Protect Your Largest Investment

  • Improve Your Home's Visual Curb Appeal

  • Roof Pressure Washing Results Lasts Years

Before & After Example

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We have heard of products sold to prevent the re-growth of roof stains. But, our studies of most of these indicate that there is no noticeable improvement from any “preventative application”. The only exception is the installation of Zinc Strips. However, Zinc Strips look equally as bad as the staining itself.


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For these reasons, we do not sell any type of preventative application or similar products. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality roof washing without the need to sell you unnecessary products.


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a roof with a solar panel



Low-Pressure House Washing

Looking for more information on washing your roof? You can find that on our Low-Pressure House Washing page.

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