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Gutter Cleaning 
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a gutter cleaning company in the Atlanta area, you already know how important it is to keep your gutters clean. What you may not understand is how the process works and what to expect from a professional gutter cleaning service. At Advanced, we believe an informed customer is a happy customer and we strive to make sure you understand the process and what is involved. Here are a few commonly asked questions about gutter cleaning service.

Do I Need To Be Home For Gutter Cleaning Services?

No, it is not necessary that you rearrange your schedule to be home when our cleaning crew arrives. Since all of our work is done outside, there is no need to enter your home. Insurance regulations prohibit homeowners handling our equipment or helping in any way, so there is absolutely no reason for homeowners to feel obligated to be home while we work. After the work is completed, you will receive an invoice via email, with a link to pay. There may be pictures attached. We may also advise you through email of any concerning roof conditions we observe while up on your roof, as a courtesy.

What Should I Prepare So The Work Crew Can Complete Their Job When They Arrive?

While we do not typically use water during all gutter cleanings, we may use your water hose bib to further clean up areas whenever the gutters are extra wet or dirty. So please be sure the water on the outside of the house is turned on and accessible during the times of cleaning. If the water is not turned on, we will still proceed to clean the gutters, but may not be able to clean up as well as we prefer.

Will There Be Lots Of Clean Up For Me To Do After The Cleaning?

Usually, there is very little clean up for the homeowner to do after a professional gutter cleaning. Our crew is usually able to clear away debris from patios, driveways and decks and blend the rest of the debris into the landscaping. For highly manicured lawns and gardens, blending the debris into the landscaping may be harder and require some clean up from the homeowner after the crew leaves. It is our intention to leave your landscaping looking as good if not better than it was before we arrived, and we will do everything possible to keep your clean up work-load light.

What Do You Use To Clear The Downspouts? Is It Safe?

We use wind power equivalent to the force of a hurricane to check and clear your downspouts. In some cases, downspouts may be disassembled and cleared by hand, before being reassembled. This is a proven, safe, and clean to check and clear debris and clogs.

We understand you may have more questions than the few addressed here and invite you to call us to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Proudly serving the Atlanta, GA area, Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning will help you understand the process, provide you with an estimate and help you clean and maintain your gutters all year round.

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