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Southern homeowners have plenty of tasks to keep them busy, both inside and outside of the home. Though many of these tasks are easy to do, some of them require the expert skills of a professional. When you and your family are in need of professional roof and gutter repairs in Atlanta, GA, many homeowners prefer Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning. We can proudly say we have earned an impeccable reputation for providing honest, affordable, and expert home maintenance services to our Atlanta area clients for more than 23 years.


Roof and gutter repairs need to be done for a number of reasons. By repairing problems that you have now, you can help prevent larger and more costly repairs in the future.

Here are some common causes of damage we run into:

  • Temperature changes and weight from debris will cause gutter spikes to pull out of their original positionsThis continual strain will pull and tilt the gutters and downspout. Therefore, making them much less effective. Eventually, a large gap between the gutters and the fascia boards is created. We eliminate this problem by re-securing gutters using specialized materials and techniques that re-position gutters into their original place.
  • Worn out and/or leaking gutter seams is another common problem with gutters. Over time, the seams that hold your gutter components together will wear down and begin to leak. During heavy rain, worn-out gutter seams may spew water. Consequently, exasperating your home’s maintenance issues.

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Getting our gutter repair service provides a multitude of benefits to your property value and overall home health!


Ensure Water Is Diverted From Your Home

Protect Your Largest Investment

Keep Your Home Looking It's Best

Replace Out of Date Gutters With Our Newest Solutions


Loose Gutters

Very often, for a variety of reasons, gutters or downspouts may simply come loose from your home. In almost all cases, this can be repaired at the same time as a gutter cleaning service for a modest charge. We make all of these gutter repairs using high strength hidden hangers with screws to provide a permanent gutter repair.

Vent Boot Replacement or Capping

Your home has several plumbing vents that exit through your roofing. These vents are protected (from water entry into the attic) by a vent boot. These vent boots are generally made of a rubber/vinyl product stretched over the boot, and under the shingle, sealing out water from entering the house through the same hole that lets the PVC vent pipe exit the roof. While your roofing will generally have a life expectancy of around 15 – 20+ years (for a traditional roof), these vent boots will usually begin to dry rot, crack & decay around the age of 7-8 years or so.

Vent boots, when decayed, will allow small, and regular water entry into the attic, which may be indicated by spots on your sheetrock ceilings. They are considered a regular maintenance item on your roofing and can be replaced when needed by us, or your roofer. Generally, we are able to cap or replace these boots at a lower rate than a roofer as we are already on your roof. Once there is dry rotting and deterioration, you should consider changing all your vent boots at the same time to ensure proper roof protection. Please note: we do not caulk, tar, or otherwise seal damaged vent boots as this would only provide a temporary and not-proper repair.

Rusted, Bent, or Damaged Gutters or Downspouts

You may have gutters that are rusted, bent, or otherwise damaged. Most of the time these issues will require replacement. In these cases, we will provide you a price for a new gutter replacement. We install 6″ Seamless Aluminum Gutters, which are top quality, and installed to the highest installation standards. For information, see the section on New Gutter Installations.

Missing shingles, Ridge caps, and General Shingle Damage

There are various shingle damages that could be present on a roof, the most common being ridge cap shingles, as they are bent, and stressed over the cap or your roofing. In most cases, if this type of damage is present, we will photo the damage, and provide this information to the homeowner, along with a price for the repair.

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