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Is Your Home’s Drainage System up to Snuff?

Is Your Home’s Drainage System up to Snuff?

There are many signs that your home's drainage system needs some TLC or a complete overhaul. Since 1991, Advanced has been helping residents like you with all your drainage concerns. Our team of experts will diagnose issues and provide customized solutions.

Sometimes the signs are subtle. You may notice your downspouts are clogged. Perhaps you see a water stain on your ceiling or water entry in your basement or crawl space. Maybe you have some hairline cracks in your home's foundation. Or perhaps you smell mildew in the home. Sometimes the signs are patently obvious: your gutters are gushing, your walls are discolored, your concrete patio cracks and pops up, or you notice your mulch has moved far away from where you originally placed it.

When you suspect problems with your drainage system, it's important to take quick action. Why? Poor drainage can lead to a wide variety of problems. Caught early, you avoid spending a lot of money and time creating major problems.

Let's examine five improper drainage situations that can cause severe damage to your home:

A stain circling or outlining your basement?

This could be a high-water mark line and may indicate a moving water table. We will install proper drainage mechanisms to aid in re-directing rainwater before it reaches the foundation. Rather than simply treating your interior symptoms (i.e. by using a sump pump), our comprehensive solutions treat the exterior of your home.

Pooled water outside of your home?

A buildup of water can attract insects and termites, breed mold and mildew, boost allergens in your home, and cause foundational damage. We can create custom in-ground drains and install catch basins to fix this issue, saving you a lot of money and stress in the future.

Hairline cracks in your foundation?

Many homes have cracks as they age and settle. Lots of these cracks can be sealed with caulk or cement. But if your issue is caused by inferior drainage, you need to take quick action. If your home's cracks begin to get larger, we suggest you call a structural engineer. He or she will recommend a treatment plan. At Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning / Advanced Drainage Solutions, we can build retaining walls, provide grading services, and create a variety of drains around your property.

Puddles in your home's basement?

You may have always wanted a home with a water view, but not from your basement. You need a professional to fix this. In cases of water entry (from hydrostatic pressure), we believe exterior corrections are the most important line of defense. Call Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning / Advanced Drainage Solutions and we'll suggest the most economical way to solve your water problems.

Flaking on your walls?

These deposits are caused by efflorescence and may result in damage to your home's foundation. We have many types of tools—cameras inspections, excavators, graders—to diagnose and treat your masonry and prevent your spalling issue from returning.

We have seen homeowners wait too long to treat drainage problems. They allowed water to build up, resulting in dramatic swelling and cracking of their home's structure. Repairing or replacing your foundation can be extremely expensive.

At Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning / Advanced Drainage Solutions, we've seen and treated it all. We believe in turnkey solutions, not patches, and Band-Aids®. Customers appreciate our approach. We're proud to be the highest-rated Atlanta company in our industry. If you suspect you have a drainage problem, call us today


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