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Thank you for requesting Power Washing Service! 

You are in the queue to be scheduled

Now that you've signed up for service, you may be wondering: "what's next?"

We put together this comprehensive guide to inform you about what to expect from us. We want this to be as informative as possible so please read on (we promise it's not like homework!) and let us know if you have any questions.

Just The Basics: Short on time and just need the basics? You are in luck!

  • We will reach out to you the day before service and your technician will call you day of when they are en route. You do not need to be home.
  • On day of service, close your windows, doors, etc..
  • Ensure your technician has access to a water spigot!
  • Let us know if there are any areas with compromised seals (windows, doors, electrical) which may be a concern to you.
  • Please try to clear the area(s) that will be receiving service as much as possible. Your technicians can work around some items but will not be able to move large items.

Read on for your comprehensive guide below for more details. Thanks for choosing Advanced!

Your scheduling expectations

  • Day Before Service: Our office will contact you via call, text, or email to confirm your placement on a service route, typically one day before your scheduled service. We strive to complete the service within the committed timeframe, but please be aware that rain and other weather conditions may cause delays.
  • Service Day: On the day of your appointment, your technician will message you when they are en route.
  • Not Required To Be Home: We can usually take care of the service even if you are not at the home. Our team is happy to communicate in any method which is convenient for you if you are not available to be on-site for the service (call or text/sms).

Preparation for your washing service

Please pay special attention to this list of pre service items to address before we arrive.

  • Water Access: Please make sure that our technicians have access to your outdoor water spigot.

  • Delicate Items: Clear any easily moveable items from areas that will receive service. Please remove any items that hold sentimental value from service area. Our technicians will be able to work around heavy items.

  • Close It Up: Ensure all windows and doors are fully closed and sealed. Let us know if there are any areas with compromised seals which may be a concern to you.

  • Relocate: Relocate any vehicles, boats, trailers, debris, etc. which may interfere with access to the area being washed.

  • Gardens or Ponds: Please let us know if there are any small ponds or delicate gardens which may need special care. Please note, koi ponds are very sensitive to pH changes and will be affected if overspray from the cleaning solution makes its way into the pond.

Day of service expectations

Relax. You are in good hands with Advanced. During your service visit, you can expect Advanced to:

  • Call on the way: Your technician will message you when headed your way from their previous stop.
  • Arrival: Your technician will knock on the door to announce our arrival.
  • Pre-service walk through: If you're on-site and available, we're happy to walk your property and verify scope of work.
  • Pricing finalization: Once scope of work is confirmed, we'll finalize expected pricing prior to starting if a range of pricing was originally provided.
  • Prep: Before starting your technician will prep your property and home for washing service.
  • Post service: Once all requested work has been completed your technician is happy to review the completed work to ensure your expectations are met. Before and after photos will be provided in your emailed service report.

For Low-Pressure House Washing Service:

  • We will thoroughly wash entire house using gentle, low-pressure techniques and mild detergent to eliminate mold, mildew, cobwebs, and loose dirt/dust.
  • Washing will include surfaces from the gutters down to the ground, but doesn't include patios, decks or other surrounding areas.
  • Limitations: This process may not remove black/grey streaks on gutters or chimney pans, environmental stains, rust stains, or red clay staining around foundations. Please discuss any of these concerns with your technician prior to beginning if applicable.

For Roof Washing Service:

  • Performed to remove black streak fungus (Gloeocapsa Magma), green algae, mold and mildew.
  • Low-pressure fungicide detergent application on the affected roofing followed by a low-pressure rinse with instant results!
  • No damage or premature aging to the shingles.

For Deck Washing Service:

  • Light wash: Generally performed on decks which have a stained finish in good condition and just needing a light maintenance wash. We perform a low-pressure application of a detergent followed by a fresh water rinse to remove algae, mold, loose dirt, and mildew from decking, rails and posts. This does not include the under-side of the deck flooring.
  • Deep cleaning: Generally performed on decks which are unfinished or previously stained decks being prepared for re-staining. We perform a detergent application followed by a medium to high-pressure fresh water rinse on decking, rails, posts and stairs to remove algae, mold, mildew and oxidized fibers from the deck. This does not include the under-side of the deck flooring. This is the same process performed for previously stained decks which are in need of re-staining.

For Concrete/Hard Surface Washing Service:

  • Driveways, patios and pool decks are generally washed with a concrete surface cleaner tool. This is connected to our pressure washing unit and provides a thorough, uniform, but gentle wash on the concrete surface. The technician will usually treat the surface with a fungicide after the wash to kill any residual mold or mildew which may be hiding in the pores of the concrete.

After service / Payment for service

  • Inspection/Service Report: You will receive a detailed inspection report providing details on condition of your roof, gutter line, and other related components. Before and after photos of the service will also be included with your cleaning service or visual inspection.
  • Payment: You are welcome to provide payment to your technician if paying by check. A copy of your invoice will be sent in a separate email which will include a link to process your payment online. You're welcome to use the link to pay, you can call the office with a credit card, or mail in a check to the address listed on the invoice.

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