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Staining Information

Staining Information

The following is important stain information, it is necessary for you to read and understand all of the following. If you have any questions please ask us.


All stains contain a sealer, stains in general contain more sealer and a clear see what alone. After you deck has been sealed or stained, the wood has been sealed with an oil-based material. After the application of a stain or see what, it is not possible to apply another product, whether it’s a different color stain, another coat of the same stain, or a pain to the surface. Because of this reason, it is very important to get the color right the first time. You cannot effectively wash off or otherwise remove the stain and change the color without extreme effort and cost.

We do not get into the business of recommending colors in general, as colors are a personal preference, not all customers like the same colors. Good colors will vary by house type, age, structure color, personal preference, and many other factors.

When you select the color, you take full responsibility for the color, and agree to pay for the labor and stain upon completion, regardless of whether the color is exactly what you thought or not.


Most stains are semi transparent, with the only exception being solid color stains. This means that you will be able to see through the semitransparent stain. Because you can see through it you will be able to see any discoloration the boards, prior stains or paints, and any other stains such as areas were the deck has been protected by formats, grease stains under grills, stains in the wood from flowerpots, etc. These will all still be visible to some extent.

Because the absorbency in the wood can be different from deck to deck, and on the same deck in different areas such as the knots in the wood versus the soft grain in the wood, especially in the case of a semitransparent stain, you should expect variation in the color, as softer wood may absorb more color and denser harder would will absorb less color. Newark replaced would as it may not be fully dried as much as the old wood. Many other factors will also affect the finish color on the stain. You should expect some variation, depending on your deck.

There are other factors around stating, but the above two items will encompass 98% of a customers possible dissatisfaction with any stain project. Please understand the above information and ask us about it in advance if you have any questions. The below list is a few stain colors which are commonly used and for the most part customers are very happy with. However we do not guarantee your happiness with any color, for all of the above mentioned reasons.

For a very nice, and somewhat thick natural looking color, in the premium Behr line of stains, “Cedar Naturaltone” is a very nice color. Not to be confused with ”Cedar” color which is drastically different.


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