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Deck Cleaning, Staining, and Sealing

Deck Cleaning, Staining, and Sealing

Advanced Pressure and Gutter is the best deck cleaning service in the Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, and the greater Atlanta area. We know who our customers are, value them, and will provide them the type of service that earns repeat business and referrals.

Why should you clean your deck?deck cleaning

If you want a deck to last as long as possible, it’s essential to have a maintenance plan. This plan should include thoroughly cleaning, staining, and/or sealing your deck. This type of upkeep will ensure your deck remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Reviving the natural wood on your deck may include removing mold, mildew, and the gray oxidation color that is a result of natural weathering and exposure to the elements. The most effective way to remove common types of discoloration is by using a special alkaline-based cleaner. This can be applied with a pressure washer.

Proper Deck Cleaning Cleaner

Using a proper cleaner eliminates the need for a high-pressure cleaning system, which can actually do more harm to a deck than good. Some homeowners choose to wash their entire deck including the floors, railings, and underside. This practice takes deck protection a step further. However, it may additionally cost depending on the contractor. Once your deck is washed and free of all debris, it’s ready to be painted, stained, and sealed.

When planning to clean, paint, or stain, and seal your deck, be aware there are a few variables that can affect your results. NEVER clean any part of a deck with bleach because it can create a negative reaction in wood. In some instances, it may be nearly impossible to remove 100% of any existing paint or stain. Some paints and stains are extremely difficult to remove and may cause the results of a newly applied finish to vary in uniformity.

In most cases, the tough to remove paint, stain, or sealer won’t be noticeable enough to guests for you to fret over. Be mindful of where flower pots, grills, overhead tree branches, and other fixtures are in relation to your deck. Flower pots can produce a residue that stains the deck. Grills may spill grease. Trees may drop sap. Finally, other fixtures may produce byproducts that affect refinishing a deck. If your deck retains a high level of residue after a thorough cleaning it may be necessary to reconsider refinishing options.

Painting or Staining?

Two very different looks can be achieved by painting or staining a deck. So, how do you decide which option is best? Painting your deck is one of the best ways to hide its flaws and match the color scheme on the exterior of your home. There’s a seemingly endless number of color options available for residential use. Paint also helps retain moisture within the deck’s wood. Painting your deck does have some potential drawbacks, however. Paint can fade, peel, and crack with age and can make it difficult to transition to stain down the road.

Staining your deck is a good option especially if your deck has been built with quality lumber. A suitable stain enhances the original beauty of a deck’s wood. Therefore, bringing to life it’s natural color, grain, and texture. Choosing the right stain can bring a deck to life by creating warmth and depth. Consider how you’ll use your deck before committing to a specific stain. Some variations may be rather slippery, offer a variety of UV ray protection ratings, or provide repellant properties.

Types of Deck Stain

Solid Stain

Solid stains are similar to paint in that the primary function is for concealment. Solid stains cover much of the natural elements found in wood. However, unlike paint, it will not peel or chip. Wood will be transformed into a darker and more uniform color when using a solid stain. Consequently, covering imperfections.

Semi-transparent Stain

This category of stain is an excellent way to protect deck wood yet highlight its natural beauty and make it a focal point. Semi-transparent stains provide stronger protection against UV rays, which can cause discoloration and weakening of the deck over time. If you want your wood grain that pops while adding a hint of color to it, choosing a semi-transparent stain is the way to go.

Clear Stain

A quality clear stain can lock in the beautiful natural wood look of your deck especially if its constructed of cedar, pine, redwood, or any other durable lumber. Oil-based products penetrate deep into wood which makes it impervious to other liquids. Most new formulations of clear stain contain fungicide which prevents mold and mildew from forming and can last up to 8 years if it is well maintained.

The overall benefit of washing and either painting or staining a deck is that it will help it to last as long as possible. Washing your deck with the right chemicals, with an appropriate level of pressure, will remove almost all surface contaminants and do the best job of preparing the wood for finishing. The decision to paint or stain your deck is primarily based on your personal taste. Regardless of which route you choose to take, your deck will be properly protected for years to come. Deck cleaning, staining, and sealing can sometimes be best left to the professionals, contact us today regarding these services.


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