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Is Spring Ruining Your Exterior Surfaces?

Is Spring Ruining Your Exterior Surfaces?

When tree buds begin to open and flowers start to bloom, we know springtime joys such as berry picking, hiking, and exploring are finally here! Some of us can hardly wait to hear the crack of a baseball bat or to attend a local festival. But before heading out, do you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home's exterior surfaces are shipshape?

How do the exterior surfaces of your house look? Left to itself, a house can incur long-term damage, or even ruin. But, thankfully, regular upkeep is simple and affordable and can prevent larger, more expensive issues.

Ruin?! That's a pretty strong word. But don't worry! The only way it can get that bad is if you do nothing to take care of your home and property. If it has been a while since you got your roof replaced and had your gutters and downspouts cleared, it's probably time to do so and to refresh the appearance of your home with a deep clean. We would like to help you with that!

Here is a quick springtime check-list to help you evaluate your house and property:

1. Your Roof and Gutters

Step outside and take a look. Does your roof look like it did when it was new? Do you see shadows you would describe as green or black? It could be that you have an accumulation of black staining (fungus, grime, or shingle residue) or green staining (algae, lichen, or moss). We specialize in cleaning all types of roofs with gentle pressure that won't harm your shingles. And we do the job right the first time! Thankfully, a good cleaning can ensure that the organisms that cause staining don't continue to affect the appearance and lifespan of your roof.

Now it's time to check your gutters. You can probably get a good idea of the shape they're in from the perspective of standing in your yard, especially if there is a small hill. If you can't see them well that way, you can carefully walk part-way up a ladder; but you MUST be very careful. If there is any doubt about your safety, contact a professional. The team at Advanced Pressure knows what to look for, and we provide free estimates.

Did the leaves from last autumn clog your gutters and downspouts, or are pine needles blocking your gutter guards? If so, it's something you're going to want to take care of! Keep in mind for the future that the best thing you can do for your gutters next fall is to take measures to prepare them for a successful winter.

A professional, gentle cleaning can go a long way to making your home look nice and help your roof withstand the test of time. See before and after pictures, and learn what to expect from our roof cleaning services.

2. Your Siding

How does your siding look? Windows? Doors? Trim? Shutters? The sunshine of spring can bring to light issues that were hidden by the shadows of winter.

It is nothing short of amazing as to what a difference a pressure washing can make; not just in the appearance, but also on the long-term durability and quality of your exterior. You may ask, "What about brick?" Our low-pressure washing technique is safe for all types of home exteriors, including:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Synthetic stucco
  • Fiber cement board siding
  • Brick
  • Cedar
  • Aluminum and steel siding

Do not despair if your home's exterior has seen better days. We can help make it sparkle again. And happily, a good washing can improve the look of your home for years!

3. Your Deck

We all look forward to summer BBQs on the deck—especially this year. Or perhaps, you're planning to host a graduation party or other event in the backyard. If your deck is looking dingy—something that happens fairly quickly in our climate—you may need help removing mold, mildew, or gray oxidation from the wood surface. We recommend an alkaline-based cleaner and would be happy to help you completely clean your deck so it's ready to be stained. Don't worry. This is a low- to medium-pressure cleaning process; we wouldn't want to harm the softwood of your deck.

We'd love to help you make your deck shine. With our help, you can face your social schedule with complete confidence!

4. Your Driveway, Sidewalk, Pool, and Other Flat Areas

Quite possibly the most neglected places on our properties are the driveway and sidewalk. They're always there serving us; but sometimes they need some attention, too. Also, while a swimming pool needs much and frequent care, from time to time the pool deck needs a refresh, as well.

Look at what a difference power wash can do for these areas.

Your concrete patio, gazebo, brick staircases … all of these take a beating from winter and the ravages of time. Before your first pool party, a power cleaning will ensure a safe and beautiful space! Regular upkeep like cleaning the front walk and stairs will help maintain the curb appeal as well as the value of your home.

A Healthy, Happy Spring

One more thing—Springtime isn't all fun and games for allergy sufferers. Warmer temps create a perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew to grow, and the pollen from trees can really build upon horizontal surfaces. While we tend to see mildew and mold only on the outside surfaces of our homes, exterior upkeep is vital to preventing mold from seeping below the surface and into your home. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to protect your home from springtime mold.

We Want to Serve You!

Homes in the Atlanta area can definitely look a little worse for the wear after winter! That's why Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning is available to help you take care of your roof and gutters, as well as help you maintain a clean sidewalk, deck, patio, pool, driveway, and exterior surfaces.

Contact us today for a free quote, available for all of our services! We'll take a look and let you know of any problems while we're on your roof, inspecting your gutters and shingles. Contact us for the experienced, professional home exterior cleaning to keep your home's exterior surfaces sparkling with pride!


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