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Spring Gutter Maintenance

Don't forget about gutter maintenance this spring 

Do your gutters require maintenance?

Take a look at your gutter system during the next rain. If you notice things like water coming over gutter line or no water coming through downspouts, it may mean it's time for gutter maintenance.

Gutter system full of debris that needs cleaning

2024 is shaping up to be a rainy year for Metro Atlanta and staying on top of gutter care is crucial

  • February and March of this year experienced a total of 4.11" more (33%+) rainfall than the same months in 2023.
  • Total rainfall YTD 2024 is 18.30 inches (weather.gov).

Did you know that the 30 year average rainfall in Atlanta is 50.43 inches? That's around 4 feet worth of rainwater that needs to be displaced annually. That's as tall as your average 7 year old or 6 cinder blocks.

A boy and a stack of cinderblocks for height reference for how much 4 feet worth of rain is.
That's a lot of rain!

Keep rain water flowing away from your home with clean gutters and downspouts

Not convinced yet? Check out a few consequences of unclean gutters:

  • Flooded basements/crawlspaces
  • Foundation issues from standing water around home
  • Lack of gutter cleaning can void some home warranties (check your warranty for full details)
  • Gutters clogged with debris are the perfect home for pests and rodents
Gutters with young trees starting to grow out of them with an Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning van in the background

Schedule your spring gutter maintenance today!


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