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Prepping Your Gutters for Winter

Prepping Your Gutters for Winter

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Winter is coming, and as the fall leaves sift to the ground, it’s a good time to think about preparing your gutters for winter. Are they ready for winter? Will they function properly in the heavy rainstorms that seem to be more frequent in Georgia these days? Will they hold up to any snow and ice? Are the gutters full of leaves and other debris accumulated over the last year or years? Here at Advanced Pressure and Gutter, we thought of a few simple steps you can take to get your gutters ready for winter. 

Clean Your Gutters for Winter

If you haven’t had them cleaned in recent memory, it is probably time to clean your gutters. Leaves aren’t the only thing that can get in your gutters and clog them up! Trees and your roof may be shedding other things that collect in your gutters. For example, oak trees and other trees sport numerous pollen sacs in the spring that fall on your roof and ground. These deteriorate over time and can get through some low-density gutter screens. Maple trees also have seed spinners that can get stuck in gutters. Finally, your roof may also shed the grit from shingles as the years go by. If you have an older roof, you may find that you have to clean your gutters more frequently for this reason.

Repair Gutters

Make a visual inspection at least twice a year to ensure your gutters are free of holes and leaks and are properly secured to your home. Check the connections between downspouts and any gutters that extend out from the downspouts—make sure they are securely connected. If anything looks loosely connected to the roof or house, get that fixed as soon as you can. Winter winds and temperatures could make it difficult to repair later. Plus, you don’t want a loose gutter breaking away from the rest or you will have a real mess on your hands when rain, hurricanes, and windstorms beat down on your home. Not only will water not go where you want it to go, but a falling gutter could scrape siding, damage plants, or break a window when the weather gets wild.

Check Gutter Drainage.

Moisture around your foundation can be a problem—especially in winter when excess water expands and contracts as it freezes and melts. To make sure moisture isn’t going to damage your foundation, check to make sure your gutters are draining away from your house. If you can reposition downspouts to send water away from your home or other structures, do it now. And if you haven’t seen it, please check out our blog post on common drainage issues around your home

Fix Gutter Guards.

If you have gutter guards, make sure to protect your investment in managing the water flow away from your home. Pests or winds from hurricane season may have caused some damage to your gutter guards. See if you can inspect your gutter guards from the ground, or have our team inspect them when we clean your gutters.

Trim Trees to Help Gutters for Winter

Fall and winter provide the right weather and conditions to trim most types of trees, so plan to trim trees now. By trimming trees, you can cut down on some of the organic material that often comes down in the spring. This also protects your roof from possible falling limbs if a wind or ice storm occurs. And of course, professional tree trimming actually helps trees and landscaping stay healthy! Give your trees some love and they will live longer, providing welcome shade and beauty to your property. 

Gutters in winter experience a lot of wear and tear. With the freeze-thaw cycle and any accumulated debris, they deserve some of your attention as winter arrives in the Atlanta area. Don’t delay in getting your gutters cleaned, covered with gutter guards, or repaired ASAP. You may be able to prevent unnecessary damage to your home by properly maintaining your home’s gutters.

Please let us know how we can assist you with any of these tasks. We offer free estimates for gutters and gutter guards year-round.


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