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Tips to Prep Your Home for Cooler Weather

Tips to Prep Your Home for Cooler Weather

It was a long and hot summer. Thankfully, we now get to look forward to enjoying the cooler fall weather. When getting your home prepped for the cold, what's on your to-do list? If you need some ideas, check out our list below.

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#1 - Clean / Repair Gutters

Perhaps the most obvious way to prep your home for fall includes cleaning, repairing, and/or replacing gutters. We get busy once all of the leaves fall. Get a head start and schedule your job early! Check out our Gutter Services

a red faucet cover

#2 - Protect Faucets

Do you remember the 'Great Winter Freeze of 2022'? We do! Days before the hard freeze, retailers were sold out of outdoor faucet covers. If you still need one, grab one early to freeze proof your outdoor faucet.

water damage on a roof

#3 - Inspect Roof

Have a roof inspection prior to freezing weather. Be on the lookout for missing or loose shingles that could cause water damage. It's better to be proactive than to deal with repairs after water damage has occurred.

outdoor drain

#4 - Clear Outdoor Drains

Flush outdoor / underground drains to remove any debris that could lead to clogs and system failure. Outdoor drains are designed to move water away from your home. Keeping them clog free will keep them functioning properly. Did you know that our gutter service teams can handle this while at your home?

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#5 - Trim Trees Over Roof

A good way to keep gutters and downspouts clear for longer is to trim branches that hang over your roof. Our gutter service teams can trim your branches during your next gutter service.

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#6 - Address Drainage Issues

Are you experiencing a wet basement? What about a damp crawl space? Fall is the perfect time to address drainage issues around your home. During cooler weather, water can seep into the concrete around your home, freeze (expand), and then thaw which puts your home's foundation at risk for cracking and additional water entry. Unsure of your issue? Give us a call to meet with an experienced project manager.

outdoor lighting

#7 - Check Outdoor Lighting

Fall is here and that means shorter days and longer nights. Now is the perfect time to check on your outdoor lighting to make sure all bulbs are in working order. Did you know that our gutter service teams can replace flood lights while at your home for gutter service?

outdoor deck

#8 - Prepare Decking

Get a head start on keeping your deck clean. Fallen leaves left on a deck for an extended period of time can cause unsightly discoloration. Keeping a consistent sweeping schedule can help with this! Fall is also the perfect time to stain or seal your deck. Just be sure to give us a call to start your project before the first freeze.

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#9 - Outdoor Furniture

Once you are finished enjoying your outdoor furniture for the year, it's always a good idea to give your pieces a good clean before covering or storing for winter. Let our exterior washing teams give your furniture a good deep clean before packing up.


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