Gutters and downspouts on your home provide a simple but important function—they channel water away from your home, which helps prevent moisture from damaging your home. How do you know when it’s time for new gutters?

We’ve put together a list of four signs that can alert you to issues with your gutter and downspouts. As a homeowner, you can inspect your gutters, landscape, and roof from the ground to see if your home shows any signs that it needs new ones. Review this list and let us know if you need a quote on installation or gutter service.

Damaged Gutters, Soffits, and Landscaping

Damage to your gutters, home, and landscape provides some of the strongest indications that it is time to replace them. Are they rusted, bent, loose, or damaged? Do they have seams that leak when it rains? If yes, it is time for new ones.

You will want to walk around your home and look for signs of water damage along with the soffits, fascia, and roof. Look for dirty streaks on the gutters, soffits, and siding. The streaks show you where the gutters are overflowing when it rains. During a rainstorm, you may hear water splashing on the ground outside, which can also point to overflowing gutters. Pay attention to those signs.

Signs of Needing New Gutters

Some signs of gutter failure are not as obvious. If water has been standing in them due to debris buildup or blockages, it can weigh heavily on parts of your home’s roof structure. Ice can have similar effects on the shingles adjacent to them. Ice can remain in and on the gutters and also get under the shingles, working its way under the roofing material. Eventually, it can cause water damage to the interior of your home.

Finally, take a good look at your landscaping, plants, and foundation. Are there signs of water running or streaming where it shouldn’t? Is the mulch or dirt washed away in certain areas? Does the foundation seem damp or look cracked? Has water been getting into a crawl space? These can be further signs that the gutters aren’t doing their job. If they are overflowing when it rains, they can not only wash away mulch but also damage plants and shrubs and their root structures. If you see any signs of water where it shouldn’t be, contact us to see if your gutters are working as expected.

Unattractive Appearance

Curb appeal plays a role in the pride you feel about your home, and the gutters are an integral part of your home’s appearance. If the paint is peeling, it’s definitely time for new ones. Weeds growing out of them also indicate a need for maintenance, if not replacement. The advantages of gutters include the fact that low-maintenance aluminum gutters will never need to be painted. They remain like new with little care for many years. They are also seamless, providing the clean, attractive appearance every homeowner loves.

Finally, consider the age and appearance of your roof. Are the shingles losing their textured appearance and looking aged? Most asphalt shingle roofs need to be replaced after 15-20 years, even if the shingles are rated for 25-35 years. The good news is that gutter installation is a simple process and easy to complete when a roof is being replaced. And we have gutter guards for every budget, including advanced gutter covers that have a no-clog warranty.

Frequent Cleaning & Repairs

If you are finding that your gutters require repairs or cleaning on a more frequent basis, upgraded gutters and gutter covers can ensure easy maintenance for years to come. If you find that the gutters are coming to lose every winter, it could be an indication that ice is forming in the gutters and causing a problem. Our experts can take a look at how your gutters are attached and provide expertise on how to resolve problems stemming from your gutter system.


Have you noticed an increase in mosquitoes around your home? This may be an indication that there is standing water. It only takes a few days for mosquitoes to breed. Additionally, in the Georgia climate, the temperatures are ideal for their life cycles to take place in stagnant rainwater. Taking care of your gutters and replacing them when needed will immediately solve the problem of standing water in your gutters. It won’t eliminate all of the mosquitos, but it will ensure that they do not cause an increasing mosquito population!

When homeowners in the Atlanta area need gutters cleaned or replaced, they contact Advanced Pressure for a free estimate. We offer seamless aluminum gutters that look great and function well for decades. And you can eliminate the need for frequent cleaning by choosing gutter guards that keep debris out but let the rainwater pass through to keep your home dry. We have several cover options to suit your budget.

Finally, remember that we do pressure washing, too, so your home can be sparkling clean as well as have excellent protection from the ravages of nature.