It is a great time of year to work in your garden. It might be hot outside, but the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. If you want to create your own green space, why not do it by going green? You can recycle your old gutters and turn them into a fun and functional new garden.

As long as your gutters do not have large holes or rust spots in them, they can be used for your gutter garden. The goal, after all, is to keep the soil in the new garden. It is also important that the gutters aren’t bent in such a manner that soil and plants cannot be held inside them.

When you are finished with your project, you will have a versatile garden space. Gutter gardens can be as long or short as you like, which makes them easy to place on a deck, fence, or even in a traditional garden. This simple product is perfect for anyone who needs an adaptable growing space.



  • Old gutters without holes or rust
  • A power drill
  • Chains and brackets, for those who choose to hang the gutters
  • Soil, seeds, plants, and fertilizer


Decide which plants you want to grow in your garden, as the hydration requirements of your plants will be important to the first step. Start by drilling small holes in the gutter – how many you need is directly related to how much your plants need. Once you have drilled the holes, you can create your garden by placing dirt in the gutters and planting your seeds. If you choose to hang the garden, make sure to attach brackets to the sides so that chains can be looped through them.

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