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The Truth About Gutter Protection

The Truth About Gutter Protection

Do I need gutter protection? Do gutter guards really work? Should I install gutter guards on my house? Do I still have to clean my gutters if I have gutter covers?

First of all, the issue of gutter guards (aka gutter covers) is not totally black and white, or cut and dry if you will. There are different types of covers, and certain covers are better for certain types of homes. But all that being said, it's not terribly complicated. And if you can stick with us, we will explain gutter protection to you.

1) Old-style, Clip-on, Arched Gutter Screens

Each screen has two clips that clip onto the forward lip of the gutter. However, with modern-day seamless aluminum gutters, the forward lip of the gutters is irregular from one gutter to the next. This is not the lip that you can see from the ground but is only visible from above the gutter. These old-style clips, do not clip on to most aluminum gutters manufactured after the 1990s.

It's common for lots of debris to slide down the roof and under the covers. These covers really should not be recommended to anybody, except maybe the oldest of homes, with the oldest galvanized steel gutters, where they still may clip on and perform with the least possible benefit. We would not recommend this product to anybody.

2) Gutter Protection: Modern Under the Shingle, Flat Screens

Aluminum or steel preferred. Do not use plastic. These let the water in and keep out most of the debris. Easy to clean, and work on almost all homes. This gutter protection usually provides the best bang for the buck. And are usually the most effective for your average Atlanta metro home. Or, any home for that matter, which may have valleys inside gutter corners as most people do. If valleys inside gutter corners are present, as they are for most homes, products in this category are the best possible protection available.

These gutter protectors slide up under the shingles, such that debris that slides down the roof remains on top of the cover and not under the cover. Most of these products are made of aluminum, such that they will never rust. Don't use any made of plastic materials. Plastic covers of this design are available at the large big-box retailer. But, the plastic will quickly fall apart in the harsh conditions up on your roof.

These covers will allow your gutters to continue to drain properly even after the accumulation of much debris. Yet it is necessary to clean this debris off your roof, shingles, gutters, and covers themselves or you will eventually encounter other issues.

Types of Gutter Protectors

There's a lot of variety in this category. They range from powder-coated steel products, shiny aluminum, painted aluminum products, and micro screen products. These covers can still be cleaned quite easily when blowing off the roof. We are able to blow off the roof and all the debris. This is done by simply blow through the screen and blow all the debris down to one end and out the other.

Aluminum or steel covers of this design, when properly installed, will keep your gutters and downspout flowing and draining properly consistently between cleanings. Your trigger to clean will be when you see a substantial amount of debris on top of the covers. Or, in the roofing valleys. For many people, this may save their home from water damage, water entry, or other issues associated with clogged and overflowing gutters between cleanings.

3) Gutter Protection: Solid Gutter Covers

Advanced Pressure has put solid gutter covers on cabins in the north Georgia mountains which acquire tons of debris. These covers work effectively year after year, with no cleaning.

Any home with an inside corner has greatly increased debris, and water flows in these valleys. This creates an area where water tension alone will not pull water into the gutter. However, different from the solid screens in category number two, these solid gutter covers are not designed to be cleaned underneath. As well as, cannot easily be cleaned. Eventually, this debris will build up and cause obstructions to flow/clogs.

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