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Why to Keep Your Gutters Cleaned

Why to Keep Your Gutters Cleaned

Nobody likes climbing up a ladder to clean the gutters. It’s a dangerous, difficult and tedious job, but it simply has to be done on a regular basis to keep the house in good shape. Some people are fortunate enough to require it only occasionally. Others need to clear the gutter almost every week due to the amount of dried leaves falling from surrounding trees.

Solutions for Gutter Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

If you are a homeowner who lacks the time or the capacity to do this type of maintenance work, then you have two options: hire a professional cleaning company or get a gutter guard installed. The former is a straightforward offloading of the job to the capable hands of gutter cleaning specialists who will make the visits at scheduled times. The latter involves the one-time installation of a durable metal mesh gutter cover that will shield it from debris while allowing water to pass for uninterrupted flow. Both solutions provide multiple benefits including the following:

1. Cessation of gutter-induced roof leaks

Debris build-up makes it easy for water to overflow with the excess sometimes finding its way inside the house. The attic walls and floor can get damp after a storm. If the rain is particularly heavy, it may even begin to flood inside the house. Making sure that gutters stay clear of debris will allow them to function smoothly in wet weather. Waters flows directly to the drainage pipe, thus avoiding leaks and floods.

2. Prevention of pest infestation

A dirty gutter traps pockets of water that hasten the decay of dried leaves and other organic materials. These attract pests that are hunting for food and looking for new breeding grounds. Mosquitoes, for example, could lay their eggs on the stagnant water and spread disease when they hatch. Keeping these spaces clean protects the health and well-being of the family.

3. Avoid ice dam formation on the gutters.

Ice can form over the gutter due to the extreme temperatures during winter. Water from melting snow will have trouble draining properly. Instead, it will likely flow into the house and cause problems there. Mold may grow on the moist walls causing respiratory problems over time. Both constant cleaning and the installation of a physical barrier against ice go a long way towards avoiding this scenario.

To learn more about Atlanta gutter guard installation or professional cleanings, contact Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning today. We will be glad to schedule an appointment and provide you with a free quote.


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