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12 Things to Clean With Pressure Washers

12 Things to Clean With Pressure Washers

1) Outdoor furniture

You’ve probably heard of people using pressure washers to clean off their deck or patio, but many people don’t realize how quickly pressure washers can clean outdoor furniture as well. Outdoor furniture often builds up a noticeable layer of dirt and grime that alters its natural color. Don’t worry, your furniture is NOT RUINED and you can restore it to its natural beauty! Pressure washing works with all types of materials and finishes including wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, and more. Quickly and easily restore your outdoor sanctuary and the furniture that relaxes you, just by taking a few passes over it with a pressure washer!

2) Bikes, trailers, boats

Does elbow grease really make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your toys? You’ve spent countless hours wiping down your boat the old-fashioned way with a washrag and towel, but as the hours piled up did this method do a better job than a pressure washer? 9 times out of 10 the answer is NO. Washing your boat, bikes, and trailers down with a pressure washer and soap will save you a lot of time – time you could spend actually using your toys instead of cleaning them!

3) Cars

Pressure washing your car, if done correctly, can result in the same quality of wash as going to a professional. Be careful and take your time though, if done incorrectly you could strip the paint or cause other types of damage. Once you get the hang of it, pressure washing your car will save you a lot of money in the long run by avoiding trips to have someone else do it.

4) Fencing

There is nothing that takes away from your property’s curb appeal more than a stained or weather fence! An easy way to brighten up your home is to give your wood fence a cleaning with a pressure washer. Not only does pressure washing quickly clean up the wood, but it’s also an easy way to prep it to be stained or re-sealed.

5) Home exterior

pressure washer usesThe siding on your home protects it the same way your skin protects you. It’s very important to keep your home’s siding well maintained so it can function properly. Many styles of siding attract dirt and grime which not only makes your home unattractive but prevents the siding from protecting your home the way it’s intended to. Cleaning your siding will take time but is beneficial to the condition and lifetime of your home. Make sure you use the correct PSI when washing your siding, otherwise, you may damage it and leave it looking worse than when you started.


6) Driveway, walkway

pressure washer usesOne of the best ways to get hooked on pressure washing is to start with your driveway or walkway! You may not realize the amount of dirt and buildup these surfaces accumulate until taking your first pass at it. There is absolutely no better way to make your driveway or walkway look like it was poured yesterday than to blast away the dirt and grime with a pressure washer! Do a before and after to see the difference pressure washing really makes.

7) Garage floor/door

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to remove oil or other chemical stains from a garage floor. Worse yet, if you’re hosting a function or trying to sell your home it becomes the focal point of that space. Pressure washing your garage floor and doors is an easy way to rinse away the years of neglect. Restoring your garage to what it looked like the day you moved in is a breeze with a pressure washer!

8) Grills

Some might say that a dirty grill is a “seasoned” grill, but the majority of people just think it’s gross. Don’t put your next BBQ at risk by letting dirt or cobwebs cover your grill. You can quickly clean up your grill by pressure washing it, making for a much more sanitary get-together.

9) Lawnmower, underneath

The key to keeping a lawnmower around for a long time is consistent maintenance. When we think of maintenance we generally picture oil and spark plug changes, but forget about the other moving parts. Keeping the underside of your lawnmower deck clean will not only help your mower last longer but will also help it perform better by allowing clippings to exit freely and evenly. Scraping away at the old and crusty grass that has built up is an option, however, blasting them away with a pressure washer is a lot more fun and efficient.

10) Trash cans, eliminate the smell

Pressure washing helps eliminate the stink – from a distance! Garbage cans easily create a foul smell around your home, whether it’s inside your home, in the garage, or even outside. By pressure washing garbage cans you are able to get rid of the nasty smell, and stay far enough away so you don’t get covered in whatever is washed off!

11) Ag equipment

You work hard and so does your equipment, which means it’s bound to get dirty. The most important part of your equipment’s maintenance plan is to keep it clean, preventing future problems because you’re able to see every surface and detect any issues. Pressure washing your equipment is the easiest way to get every surface clean, even the hard-to-reach areas that may not see the light of day. You may not be able to keep that tractor, gator, or bulldozer looking new forever, but you can make it last a long time just by pressure washing it.

pressure wash pools12) Pools

A lot of homes in the South have pools for those extra hot days. If yours has a lot of traffic then it is collecting all sorts of dirt in the water and settling to the bottom. Most owners clean their water regularly, but how often do you clean the actual pool? This is just as important as cleaning the water in keeping your pool germ-free.


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