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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

Pressure Wash Your Home

When is the best time to pressure wash your home?

The most ideal time to clean off mud and dirt from the side of your house is on a mild, sunny day because the sun will act as a natural dryer. If your current climate is in-between seasons, wait until it's towards the end of the season to pressure wash the season's leftovers. For example, you can wait until the snow melts or until after the leaves fall to wash away the dirt and dust. When you see discoloration on your home, it's a good sign your home is ready to be pressure washed.

How often should you pressure wash your home?

Depending on the type of home you live in can be the deciding factor on how often you should pressure wash it.

  • Brick: pressure washing your home once a year after the heavy pollen season has ended is the best time.
  • Siding: for optimal protection and appearance, pressure wash your siding twice a year.
  • Log Cabin: depending on where the cabin is located, it's best to wash it semi-annually or quarterly.

If you can rub your finger along the side of your home and have dirt left on you, that is an indicator that it should be cleaned. In general, pay attention to how your home looks and use your best judgment on when you should pressure wash your home. If your home is near a dirt road, you may need to clean it often such as every few months to remove the dirt. Also, if your home is located by numerous trees, you would need to clean it often to prevent sap from building up on your home. If you notice any sort of mold or mildew on your home, pressure wash it immediately to exterminate the possibility of its growth.

How often should you pressure wash your driveway?

As something you drive on daily and is necessary to access your home, your driveway needs to be cleaned just like your home. After consistent use, your driveway can collect dirt, oil and grime which if not cleaned, can cause serious damage to its structure. To sustain your driveway's top condition, pressure wash it at least once a year to remove unwanted marks such as tire marks.

How often should you pressure wash your roof?

As a vital part of your home's structure, the roof is something you can't live without, so it's important to maintain it. To ensure you won't damage it, use a low-pressure wash to protect your roof while blasting away collected grime. The low-pressure option will provide a steady stream of water that is gentle but will still get the job done. If not cleaned at least once a year, leaves and debris will pile up on your roof and collect in gutters which can cause extensive damage to your home from the roof, down to its lower structure. With any kind of buildup, your roof could decompose from the algae and be a home of mold growth. As a preventative measure for your roof and ultimately home's safety, pressure wash your roof to keep your home's value existent.

Our recommendations of how often you pressure wash are general ideas to reference to, but how often you pressure wash your home depends on your climate and location. Based on how much debris shifts in your area, you can decide what is best for your home's cleanliness. If you are unsure, know to pressure wash your home at least once a year. Use your best judgment on whether your home needs extended cleaning; you can always contact Advanced Pressure and Gutter if you have any questions or concerns.


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