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6 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

6 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

Here in the Atlanta area, with the hot, humid summers, powerful storms, and lots of trees and flowers, pressure washing your home every few years is a standard part of maintaining your home. Rainstorms don’t necessarily wash dirt and grime off of the roof and siding. In fact, it can actually make dirt sticks, which can then be followed by spores that form algae, mold, and mildew. There are a few compelling reasons to pressure wash your house, from curb appeal and property values to the health and safety of your family. Here’s why you should pressure wash your home: 

  1. Make it look like new again
  2. Prevent damage
  3. Keep your home healthy
  4. It’s fast and safe
  5. Enhance property value
  6. Prime surfaces for paint or stain

Make It Look New Again

You would probably be surprised how much dirt sticks to your home. If you do the white glove test on the side of your house, you will probably see just how much dirt has collected. Pressure washing a home removes the dirt, returning it to a like-new appearance. If you’re eager to improve curb appeal, home pressure washing will certainly help. Like washing a car, it makes your home look shiny and new. 

Prevent Damage

Over time, any outdoor surface can collect dirt and grime as well as spider webs, wasp nests, and so on. Even when you remove the pests, their nests can remain. Dirt can begin to collect, allowing algae, moss, mold, and mildew to begin to form. The longer these things remain on your home, the more chance they have to damage the paint or siding. Pressure washing your house and garage will remove all of the collected stuff on the exterior siding and trim.

You can have your roof washed, too, and here’s why: With their textured surface, asphalt roof shingles can harbor organisms that can discolor the roof and reduce their life.

You’ll want an experienced crew to wash your home to prevent damage from the high-powered pressure washing equipment. We use a low-pressure soft washing technique on homes and a blend of gentle cleansers, so your home will be truly clean.

Keep Your Home Healthy

From top to bottom, inside and out, you can ensure a healthy home environment by keeping it clean. Outside your home, from the roof to the pool deck, it’s important to remove algae, mildew, spider webs, and other potential health hazards. And, since water flows from the top-down, cleaning all surfaces when you see signs of green stuff on your siding, deck, or pool deck makes good sense. That green, black, or brown stuff is unappealing and can be hazardous, making it slippery when wet. Keep the pool deck and other places where your family hangs out free of these possible hazards to health and safety with regular pressure washing.

It’s Fast and Safe

When done properly, pressure washing your home is fast and safe. Professional cleaners like Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning have the equipment and experience to do the job quickly and effectively without damaging anything. Often, when homeowners wash their own homes, they use high-pressure equipment, which can peel paint, dent gutters, and cause other damage to the home. Professionals have the experience to safely and effectively wash a home to make it look great again using low-pressure techniques and special blends of cleaners.

As with many home projects, professional pressure washing teams can also wash homes faster than a homeowner can. Having your home pressure washed also keeps you safe because you won’t have to do any climbing to reach the roof peaks or second floor. When you receive your free pressure washing estimate, we will let you know how long it will take to wash your home, as it depends on your home’s size and structure.

Enhance Property Value

What are the first things people notice when driving through a neighborhood? The curb appeal and condition of the homes! If a home isn’t clean and well maintained on the outside, people will probably think it isn’t clean and well maintained inside. This affects property values, making cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces an important part of property maintenance. If you’re selling your home, cleaning it is one simple step in ensuring the curb appeal matches the expectations of buyers.

Primes Surfaces for Paint or Stain

When you are looking to paint your home or stain the deck, pressure washing is the best way to prepare the surface. Even if you want to stain the deck yourself, it’s nice to have it properly and quickly prepped for staining by a professional crew who does it all the time. They can get into every nook and cranny with specialized pressure washing equipment, ensuring a super clean surface for stain or paint.

When it comes to pressure washing homes, Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning has the expertise to make your home’s exterior sparkle from top to bottom! Please call us for a free quote on any pressure washing need.


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