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7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Exterior Home Color

7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Exterior Home Color

Undoubtedly, colors can elicit an emotional reaction, whether for exterior or interior decorating, cars, clothes or makeup. Colors immediately set the scene, soften defects, accentuate characteristics, and offer an insight into your soul. What is in vogue now won’t normally be in fashion a few weeks down the line though. Instead of following trends, it is better to ensure your long-term happiness by observing the following eight rules about selecting exterior color schemes:

  1. Choosing between bold and brash colors or subtle, earthy tones will affect all other choices.
  2. You do not need to be an expert about colors, however, you should spend some time learning about how colors complement each other (or ask someone who knows).
  3. You want your property to be eye-catching, but you don’t want it to be so flashy that it bothers your neighbors. Therefore, you should choose colors that blend into the surrounding landscape.
  4. Take care not to choose trim and siding that clashes with materials like stone, brick, tile, and roof shingles (i.e. materials that will not be replaced).
  5. The location and size of your property are important. Darker colors will make your home appear smaller, whereas lighter colors will make it look big. If your home is situated off the beaten track, lighter colors will make it appear closer to the road.
  6. With the passing of the seasons, the color of the landscape will change, so you need to consider flowering gardens, trees, and shrubs.
  7. Choose bland colors for fixtures like downspouts, gutters, and air conditioning units. Use accent or contrasting colors to emphasize things like porch railings, architectural details, front doors, and windows.

When it comes to gutter cleaning in Marietta, GA, and gutter installation in Marietta, it is important to get the job done properly. Similarly, as far as your chosen color scheme goes, it is vital to make it last. Many manufacturers of vinyl siding offer colors that don’t peel, chip or pit, so homeowners can sleep easy – safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to repair or paint the finish. Ensuring that your property’s exterior remains attractive does not need to be difficult.


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