before and after photo of pressure washing in roswellIs your home’s roof stained with dark streaks? Is there moss growing on it? It may be time to clean your roof, a simple, affordable process that recaptures your home’s curb appeal and can add years to the life of your roof. Roof cleaning can be a great way to enhance your home’s appearance, especially if you are looking to sell your home.

The roof cleaning process involves special roof cleaners applied with low pressure from the top down. It removes all of the stains, doing so without damaging the shingles. Learn more about our roof washing services. 

A Clean Roof Adds Curb Appeal

When your roof looks dirty, it affects everyone’s first impression of your home. You may see dark green or black streaks that stain your roof or that of other houses in your neighborhood. These streaks are caused by fungus or algae. The fungus can also transfer to other parts of your home’s exterior, for example, on the northern, shady side of your home.

You can get your roof cleaned any time there isn’t snow or ice on it. If you’re looking to refresh your entire property, you may wish to get your roof, home, deck, sidewalks, pool decking, and driveway cleaned at the same time. You can also choose different intervals for cleaning these surfaces since roof cleaning only needs to take place every few years or when staining becomes visible. Cleaning all of these surfaces truly improves the curb appeal and increases the pride you have in your home.

Roof Cleaners Can Check Your Roof

Roof cleaning crews from Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning are trained to inspect and evaluate roof health while they clean roofs. They will also look at your gutters to ensure everything appears to be in order. Our goal is to let you know whether your roof needs replaced or repaired, or if your gutters need attention. Roof cleaning provides a clear view of the shingles so we can determine their life span. Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and slate roofs can all benefit from cleaning and a visual inspection.

Remove Dirt, Moss & Fungus

Our roof stain removal products eliminate stains, dirt, algae, and moss with low-pressure roof washing. We have been washing roofs in the Atlanta area for decades and look forward to helping you eradicate roof stains and fungus.

You may see some companies advertising products that prevent staining, such as zinc strips. In our experience, these products aren’t that effective and in fact, they detract from the appearance of your home’s roof. Simply sticking with cleaning your roof every few years will keep your house looking good without adding anything that detracts from your home’s appearance.

Affordable Alternative to Reroofing

With the high cost of reroofing a home today, roof cleaning offers an affordable alternative. Why replace the roof if all it needs is a thorough cleaning? Better yet, you will get a good idea of when your roof needs replaced by having it cleaned! Take before and after pictures to judge for yourself and to show a roofing company. Instead of spending thousands on a new roof, spend a fraction of that to have your roof cleaned by a professional team using low-pressure cleaning methods.

Possible Energy Savings

If your roof has become darker from algae stains, you will likely see a benefit from having your roof cleaned. The dark, dirty roof attracts and generates more solar heat than a lighter, cleaner roof. If you have noticed your energy bills creeping up, take a look at your roof as one possible reason. Compare your current roof to pictures of the roof when it was new. If it is more than five years old, we bet it looks considerably darker than when it was installed. Call Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning to take a look and provide a free estimate for roof cleaning.

Roof cleaning is effective in removing dark stains and improving the appearance of your home. Advanced Pressure & Gutter Cleaning encourages Atlanta area homeowners to reap the benefits of roof cleaning. Please contact us for a free estimate or to ask us questions about the roof cleaning process.