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Get Pest-Free Gutters

Get Pest-Free Gutters

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of maintaining adequate gutters for their homes. Gutters can become filled with debris at any time, which is expected. However, what some homeowners fail to realize is that pests often choose to take up residence in their gutters. If you are a homeowner, you need to be aware of the various pests that could make your gutters their new home. Here is an overview of potential pests that might choose to live in your gutters as well as tips for keeping your gutters pest-free:


Not only do rodents spread diseases, but also they can be real nuisances. If you fail to clean your gutters on a regular basis, rodents will see this as an invitation to make your gutters their new home. Rodents can fit into holes smaller than anyone could imagine, which means your gutters likely consist of numerous access points.


It can be nice to hear the chirping of birds on a beautiful spring or summer day. However, having birds make themselves at home in your gutters would not be so welcome. Luckily, there are ways to deter birds from choosing your gutters as a nest, such as installing spikes or anti-netting material directly in your gutters.


You can reduce the chances of bees building a hive in your gutters by keeping the flowers to a minimum as well as ensuring that any holes are repaired. Holes make it easy for bees to build hives, so if you plug up those holes and keep your gutters free of debris, bees will be forced to find a home elsewhere.


Mosquitoes are annoying, but beyond that, their stings can also carry diseases. You can prevent an infestation in your gutters by eliminating debris, holes and standing water, all things that attract these aggravating pests. You could contact the company that offers the best gutter installation Atlanta has to offer and have gutter guards installed, as well.

As you can see, keeping your gutters pest-free is important to ensure adequate functioning. Gutter cleaning in Marietta GA is not only readily available, but it is also low in cost. To learn more about the importance of cleaning your gutters, or to schedule an appointment for a free quote, contact Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaning today!


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