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Pressure Washing – Marietta

Pressure Washing – Marietta

If you have never pressure washed your home, it’s quite possible that at one time or another, you may have seen a home in your neighborhood being pressure washed and wondered why it was being done. It is important to pressure wash your home to preserve it and keep it functional. You will prevent moss, dirt, and other sediment from settling in to your home. This is important for more reasons than you may think.

Pressure washing your home is important for a few reasons:

  • Pressure washing not only removes dirt, but it also removes corrosion, which can prevent the need for future maintenance and repairs. The various surfaces on your home—brick, concrete, metal, and even wood—can be affected in different ways by the accumulation of dirt and corrosion. It can be quite costly to repair these, and you want to prevent these issues whenever you can.

Different types of sediment can also have different effects on you and your home:

Grease and Oil

If grease and oil is building up on your home and you don’t remove it prior to adding a fresh coat of paint, you may have problems, primarily because this buildup will prevent the paint from adhering properly to your home’s surface. This is particularly the case if you already have more than one coat of paint on your home.

Pollen and Dust

The buildup of pollen and dust on the outside of your home can eventually work its way inside. This can aggravate your nasal passages and those pesky spring and summer allergies (The last thing you want is an additional irritant to your allergies).

  • You will maintain the original beauty and curb appeal of your home. Do you remember the feeling you had when you first looked at your home before you bought it? It’s important to restore that look to your home. Also, first impressions are everything—if you decide to sell your home, you want prospective buyers to be as impressed as possible at the first sight of your property.
  • You will also maintain the longevity of your home. Dirt and other sediments can make your house look older than it really is; if you remove the grime, you will keep it looking as “young” as possible. Pressure washing is truly the most cost-effective way to remove signs of decay and age.

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