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Tips on Maintaining Your Pressure Washer

Tips on Maintaining Your Pressure Washer

Many people choose a professional company to provide pressure washing in Marietta GA. Whether they need to clean their roof, sidewalks or siding, pressure washing can provide superior results. Today, the use of chemicals and lower pressure can help achieve the same great results while also providing a gentler approach. Of course, as with any type of equipment, proper maintenance and operation are essential factors in protecting a soft wash pump.

A soft wash utilizes chemicals to help get the job done; however, these chemicals can be harsh on the pump and other components of the pressure washing system. It is imperative that the entire system be thoroughly flushed after each use.

The use of sodium hypochlorite for cleaning can be very effective, but it can also be corrosive. It is vital that a neutralizer be used to help protect equipment and transport vehicles from the damaging effects of chemical corrosion. Fresh water can help enhance the hypochlorite, meaning less of the chemical will be needed to get the job done. Of course, less chemical usage also means less damage to power washing equipment.
It is possible to maximize the life span of the switch and pump by using an accumulator tank. This tank is located between the pump and the gun and allows the user to minimize the amount of time that the chemical pump needs to run.

Another important consideration for maximum life expectancy is to make sure that the pump has adequate ventilation. A 12-volt fan can be mounted on one side of the mounting box or toolbox, with louvers on the opposite side, in order to ensure sufficient airflow.

A strong battery that remains properly charged is important for good operation. As the battery charge dwindles, the pump will draw more amps and will eventually start to get hot, reducing life expectancy.

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